The Tiny Fields Project


We have recived the 2014 St Paul Award from the Minnesota Horticultural Society !

   The Tiny Fields Project distributes boulevard vegetable garden kits to North Minneapolis neighborhood residents.  Each kit includes enough seed and seedlings to plant a  boulevard or alley with a variety of vegetables, a guide to  vegetable gardening, and help to till and install new beds.  Families participating then follow along using social media and  learn throughout the season.

   We build stronger communities through agriculture.

Each Field is planted on a boulevard or alley. Gardeners spend time in community spaces, providing opportunities to connect neighbor to neighbor.

         We teach the neighborhood to grow food. 

Teaching families to grow food saves residents money and relieves financial strain. Making local food accessible to the neighborhood and teaching how to utilize fresh produce promotes sustainable healthy eating habits.

Connecting neighbor to neighbor is essential to The Tiny Fields Project’s success. The project does not end with the preparation of beds and distribution of seed. Using social media, we take an innovative approach to continued learning. In our sample Tiny Field, we grow the same crops participants grow, allowing us to send out alerts and prompts, such as, “Time to hill your potatoes,” and, “Watch for ripening green beans.” Online tutorials are regularly posted, along with recipes and opportunity for discussion. Tiny Fielders receive regular check-ins and may ask questions through social media at any time. Tiny Field participants glean lifelong knowledge along with their heads of cabbage and piles of cucumbers. 

In 2013, the Tiny Fields Project successfully piloted five Tiny Fields throughout the Victory Neighborhood or Minneapolis. Participants immediately reported community interest. The social media learning page grew to include many residents throughout Victory and beyond. Participants reported a 30% decrease in dollars spent on groceries.  In 2017, 98 tiny fields were planted in the Victory, Cleveland and Shingle Creek Neighborhoods. 

The Tiny Fields Project is supported by ViNA , The Clevland Neighbohood Association, The Shingle Creek Neighborhood, The Folwell Neighborhood Association, and the Northside Residents Redevelopment Councel. 

******* Donate to our Fundly and help more families grow.*******

2018 Season is underway! We are no longer accepting applications for this year. We are always looking for more communities to partner with. Please contact us with questions. Happy Growing!

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